3 steps to finding the perfect evening gown

Quick GUIDE TO FIND the perfect evening gown

  1. KNOW yourself
  2. TRY a few new dress styles
  3. AVOID getting confused
  4. ASK a professionals at the store
  5. Found THAT EVENING GOWN? Stop looking!
  6. TRUST your choice

Whether you are a mother of the bride, mother of the groom, or a guest at an upcoming wedding, picking the right evening gown can be stressful and challenging. Some of us worry about being over or under dressed for a special occasion.

One shopping habit which has become more common lately is the idea of trying on a number of dresses before settling on the best choice. Some women plan on spending 1 or 2 full days trying on dresses in the quest for the PERFECT evening gown. Often times they can become overwhelmed and confused by the sheer volume of choices out there. Studies have actually proven that when offered too many options we can become paralyzed in fear of making the wrong choice and then after we choose we are actually LESS SATISFIED with the decision we have made. (To learn more about this phenomenon read “The Paradox of Choice” by Barry Schwartz)

Keep these 3 steps in mind when shopping for an evening gown at EDITH’S:

1) Know yourself. Know what you are comfortable in, how you like to look and feel. This is tricky because most of us do not often wear an evening gown. Bring one person with you who really knows you and whose opinion you completely trust.

2) Keep an open mind, especially if this is a new or unfamiliar experience for you. The staff at EDITH’S have many years of experience and have intimate knowledge of every dress in stock. They have seen countless dresses on various body silhouettes and really know which styles will suit your body type.

3) Stop shopping! Once you have found THE DRESS stop the search! Trust that you have made the right choice. You have chosen an evening gown which suits you and is perfect for your event. You can look forward to attending your special event with confidence.

Come visit EDITH’S store to shop for the perfect evening gown by some of the famous brands we carry! Happy shopping!

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